Compassionate assistance for you and your family

As an organizer, I understand the benefits of clearing clutter and finding joy with less.

As a nurse, I understand that illness, injury, and aging add complications to the process of managing decisions and tasks that otherwise maintain a sense of order and calm to daily life.

I also understand how care-taking leaves less time for care-givers to meet their own needs.

My general base of knowledge and years of experience as a nurse bring a unique perspective and approach to the organizing industry and to the client seeking sensitivity, compassion, and discretion.

Whether you are suffering from health challenges that limit your ability to manage your own environment or whether you find yourself overwhelmed by mountains of untouched clutter from years of taking care of everyone else in your life, my approach is to find creative solutions in a patient and methodical way, at your pace, with what matters most to you.

Photo by Inácio Pires/Hemera / Getty Images

Photo by Inácio Pires/Hemera / Getty Images

"As a former teacher, I knew what I needed to do, but as a person with Fibromyalgia, I found it difficult to start projects that I couldn't complete without increasing my levels of pain and fatigue. Jennifer helped me organize boxes of loose, family photos so that I could begin to create some digital albums.  We jumped right in and got the job done very quickly. Jennifer is very competent in what she does and at the same time is patient with those who need help."

Ruth, client