virtual Sessions w/ consulting & integrated coaching skills

Does an hour at a time sound like the right fit? Telephone support/Coaching sessions may be just what you need.

Whether you choose virtual organizing, whole coaching, or organizing with integrated coaching, it is always done from a place of compassion and non-judgement. Our alliance is a safe and courageous space optimized for discovery, self-awareness, and skill development. 

Virtual organizing can be extremely helpful before onsite sessions, for planning and strategizing, especially when you are considering the purchase of supplies needed ahead of our onsite work together.

Organizing with integrated coaching is an opportunity to learn and practice strategies to more effectively manage your home and/or office, your systems, refine the use of planners & calendars, to develop mindfulness, establish & improve habits, to set and maintain boundaries, and to make decisions based upon your core values and strengths.

 Coaching is a collaborative partnership built on trust & compassion.  

Coaching is a process and works best when we are both open, honest, curious, and brave. Whole coaching sessions are an opportunity to dive deeply as you consider your life goals and set your path toward reaching them. Our work together is your time to learn about yourself and how your strengths, beliefs, talents, and challenges impact your life. 

I am an advocate of neurodiversity & believe it is possible for you to thrive as you gain a clearer understanding of how your brain is wired and determine your unique path to success. 

I am a student in an ICF/PAAC/ACTP certified coaching program and am happy to answer your questions as you consider how this may fit into our work together.

Virtual Coaching