Moving, downsizing, EmpTy Nesting, & Life Transitions

navigating change  

The keys to successfully navigating life transitions, moves, and changes, whether they are welcome, anticipated, or sudden, are knowing what is most important to you and acknowledging how you function best, and, then keeping this knowledge front and center throughout the process. Armed with these keys, and a dash of patience and compassion, we are better prepared to soothe the inevitable bumps and bruises associated with change.

I recently added up the number of times I have moved in my life. Counting changes of residence and dorms, and temporary housing during military moves, and the many places I have nested with my family, until I reached my current home, affectionately know as LPC (Le Petit Chateau), the number is somewhere close to 30. I have certainly learned a trick or two along the way.

I have shared some of this wisdom on my blog for your perusal. Some of the lessons were hard earned and at a price both emotional and financial, but have provided invaluable insights in my own life and in the work I do now.

As you anticipate moving, downsizing, right-sizing, sorting a life time of belongings attached to generations of memories, or are starting over, I ask you to consider what is truly important to you right now. And, consider how you function best, who you share your spaces with, and how you want to feel in these spaces. If you are assisting a loved one with a transition, it is of utmost importance to consider his or her answers to those questions.

Be sure to share your answers with me as we work together and remind yourself of what is most important to you, especially when you are stuck or struggling with the process, with the speed or lack thereof, with letting go of what no longer fits your life, and with the discomfort associated with second guessing your decisions.

Change isn’t easy, and sometimes it is unwelcome. Having a partner to navigate the myriad of decisions and the many hours of disruption that come with change can be both comforting and empowering. What YOU create in this process CAN be just right!

What we do

Assist with downsizing and relocation into new living or work spaces.

Rebuild your empty nest for the next chapter of your life.

Blend new elements and additions to your family and lifestyle.

Help coordinate disposal, resale, & donations of no longer needed items.

Identify and assist with the myriad of available resources, such as on-site shredding and resale options.

Repurpose existing materials in creative ways.

Assist with purchase of new materials as needed.

Implement changes and refine spaces to get them just right for you.

Create recognizable spaces for people struggling with memory changes.