Jen's first book, "The First Year is the Hardest," is now available on Amazon books.

The First Year is the Hardest is an honest, anecdotal accounting of Jennifer’s heartbreak recovery, discovery, and reinvention of herself after divorce. She bravely shares it all--the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful. Her vision for an organizing business grew while writing her book. Organizing and finding ways to live a meaningful, mindful life are woven into her daily life.

chapter 36

chapter 36


Read a few endorsements from her readers:

Jennifer Raphael conveys the hard work of finding her heart, without shirking the growing complexity of her feelings and present actions. The mixed bag of her emotional past is explored for its secrets and epiphanies.

--Kenneth Buhr, PhD, Marriage and Family Therapist


Raphael candidly expresses her feelings of resentment, loss, trepidation, and excitement and conveys those emotions in a way that reassures readers that they too will heal.

--Laurie Itkin, Financial Advisor and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, author of Every Woman Should Know Her Options


Jennifer Raphael shares her struggle to rebuild a life and an identity in this layered and deeply personal account of starting over in the aftermath of divorce.

--Cheri Reeder-friend, book lover, happy divorcée