Personalized Services to meet your needs

Are you a mom struggling to keep up with the day to day activities? Are you moving or downsizing? Are you overwhelmed with clutter? Do you or another family member struggle with ADHD? Does your health make it difficult to function as you did in the past? Ready to find less stress and more joy in your life.

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Finding personal, organizing solutions is simple. There is an abundance of resources available. Where some people get stuck is in the implementation. For them, becoming organized is an overwhelming task. It just doesn't fit with their natural rhythms and schedules, their brain chemistry and learning styles, or their physical and health challenges.

Getting organized much less staying organized becomes a source of shame, embarrassment and anxiety. Sound familiar? If it does, do not despair. You may need someone to help and guide you, and that's okay.  

For the person struggling with disorganization, there is a sense of overwhelming anxiety that needs to be acknowledged and addressed. My job as your professional organizer, is to help you find and implement the organizing solutions that are best suited to you and to your lifestyle.

As your personal organizer, I focus upon two primary keys that help to breaking the cycle of overwhelm and lead to less stress and more joy.

The first is decluttering/reorganization which is essentially keeping only what you truly need, use, and love, and placing it where it makes sense to you. 

The second requires that you honor your priorities and adjust your schedule according to what is truly the most important to you. 

Whether you struggle with ADD/ADHD, have physical limitations, or simply cannot find the time or energy to get organized, consider partnering with me. Less stress and more joy are bound to find you! 



Structure your environment

Reduce or eliminate distractions

Prioritize commitments and daily activities to achieve your goals

Review sleep and bedtime routines

Utilize e-tools 

Find the best paper management style for you

Cultivate healthy study habits

Nurture your focus and attention



Review priorities 

Honor individual needs to foster group harmony 

Declutter and reorganize

Create living spaces that meet the current needs of those with whom you love and live

Review, modify, and renovate storage solutions 

Review/revisit for maintenance

Plan/assist with calendar and scheduling to nurture and grow healthy relationships


Assist with downsizing and relocation into new living or work space

Rebuild the empty nest with compassion

Blend new elements and additions to your family and lifestyle

Disposal, donation, repurpose of no longer needed items

Identify and assist with available resources, such as on-site shredding.

Work with existing materials

Assist with purchase of new materials

Implement changes


Prioritize commitments & daily activities to achieve your goals

Identify & eliminate/minimize distractions

Utilize tools for planning

Re-structure  environment

Work with existing materials when possible

Make needed changes/recommend purchases for better use of space

Evaluate decision-making