Letting Go TO makE room for something else

Home Organizing Solutions
Saying “No” to what is no longer relevant or important in our lives makes room to say “Yes” to something else. The possibilities are exciting and endless..
— Jennifer Raphael, Founder


Home organizing solutions abound. But it is how we feel about our stuff that gets in the way of following through with the guidelines and suggestions offered. Our attachments to our stuff, the memories they evoke, the money spent, and the "what ifs..." all make it more challenging to let go when we truly don't need, use, or love something anymore. I get it!

There was a time in my life when I had too much stuff. For example...I LOVE books! I was the person who would come home after listening to a motivational speaker with all of their books and audio tapes. And, although I would read one or two right away, the remainder of the books would sit idle, collecting dust and adding to the clutter in my office. Not only did they create visual overstimulation, but I felt guilty for not reading the rest and for wasting money which added mental clutter. And the audio tapes, forget about it!

When I say, "I understand," I do!

I no longer collect books haphazardly. I am more selective and deliberate in my choices. I keep fewer books and only those that make my heart sing or that I feel confident that I will use for reference or reread. That said, I am peeling the onion one layer at a time. Next stop...cookbooks, which I adore. Am I going to try recipes in a book that I haven't opened in 28 years? I think not! But oh how pretty the visuals are!! So some will stay just for that reason, and others will not.

It is my mission to assist you to do the hard thing. Home organizing solutions include letting go of stuff that you no longer love, need, or want.

This simple shift allows you to pause and to make space for other things in your life. It is a visual reminder of the possibilities that are waiting for us, and gives us back the control to make decisions about how to direct our space and time.

Letting go of the mental clutter allows us to feel calm and more present with what really matters to us. Saying "No!" leaves room in our schedules to say "Yes!" to what truly matters and feels congruent with our values, and our immediate and long-term goals.