The key to success and happiness is to discover what works best for YOU.

Less-Stress Organizing Solutions

Are you overwhelmed by your stuff?  Do you have difficulty letting go for fear that the memories and connections will be lost along with your things?  Do you dread your to-do list?  Do you struggle with how to get started and how to keep going? Are you ready to let go of what weighs you down? 

You take care of everybody else. It's time to add YOU to your list! 

As your organizer, it is my mission to get to the heart of what matters most to you. I guide you through the process of letting go of what no longer serves you well. We streamline your environment and your daily schedule to better meet your current needs and to reflect who you are and what you LOVE.

Together, we create personalized organizing solutions for your home and office spaces.

I partner with you as you find more joy and less stress.

About Less-Stress

Find out how, together, we can strategize to unleash your possibilities, strengths, and gifts through deliberate time and space management.

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