Professional Organizer San Diego

Next Steps to less stress:

1. Free Phone Consultation (15-20 minutes) 

This is your opportunity to discuss your needs and goals for working together.

Whether you need a professional organizer in San Diego County, know someone who does, or need a referral somewhere else, let's talk about the next steps.

2. Organizing Framework. 

Onsite assessment and evaluation of your current space and/or time management challenges begins when I walk through the door.

The first few hours are spent developing and implementing a plan of action. As we work together the plan will be refined and adjusted to meet your needs and budget. Package rates depend upon the number of hours per month (see descriptions below). Please ask me about pricing and hours. 

3. Packages

 Review the following choices and see which answer describes you best!

    A. One Project at a Time (Because, I need two pairs of hands for this)

    B. Let's Do this! (Because I'm ready NOW to purge, cleanse, and maintain order)

    C. Personal Assistant (Because, frankly, I'm busy doing other things)

    D. Advice & Telephone Support (Hourly FaceTime and phone sessions as I need them)

   E. Onsite Advisor (Because I want to do the work myself but could use help developing a plan)

4. Where

I am a Professional Organizer in San Diego County but am available to travel further on a case to case basis. If you live and work elsewhere, consider my virtual coaching services. Thank you for asking.

Are you ready for less stress and more joy? 


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