About Jennifer Raphael 

I am a personal organizer, a productivity specialist, and a life-long learner regarding thriving with ADHD. It's what I do. It's who I am, and, it's what I bring to you.

Years of clinical nursing fine-tuned my skills of getting to the root of a problem and developing a care plan. Assessment, evaluation, response to information, anticipatory planning, and focus upon details and priorities is paramount.

That said, I have always loved staging and nesting, organizing, and making sense of disorder. Even as a young girl, I was fascinated with my surroundings and how manipulating them changes how you feel and function. Back then, I called it "setting up," and it was my favorite part of any game or activity. It is still one of my favorite things to do for myself, my family and others.

I met someone recently who asked me,"What does an personal organizer do?!" After describing a little bit about my work, she said, "Wow! I really need your help but I would be your biggest nightmare," to which I replied, "I LOVE a challenge; and, given a choice between a 100-piece puzzle and a 3-dimensional 1000-piece puzzle, I will take the big one every time."

I feel passionately about what I bring to my clients, which is a deliberate, compassionate, caring plan for putting their lives in an order that makes sense to them and allows them to move in the direction of their hearts. 

I am currently engaged in coach training; I integrate learned coaching skills into my practice as an organizer and productivity specialist as I partner with each client in a unique way on their terms.

photography by Tiffany Rihana

photography by Tiffany Rihana

As a personal organizer, it is important to me to share with others what I have learned and would love the opportunity to work with you to create workable spaces and a time management style that enhances your life, brings your goals into focus, and moves you forward.
— Jennifer

Life transitions can throw even the most organized person into disarray. My story, The First Year is the Hardest, is now available on Amazon!