ADHD Organizing & Productivity Sessions with integrated coaching

Facilitating & Strengthening executive Functions

ADHD is not the only neuro-atypical brain style around town. But it is one that is near and dear to my heart. Many of my clients struggle with executive function challenges. Becoming organized and maintaining a sense of order feels elusive.

For those of us who struggle with focus, attention, distractions, and the ability to shift focus at a moment's notice, the most ordinary of days can feel challenging. There is shame and embarrassment attached to needing help with what appears easy for other people.

Many struggling with ADHD feel misunderstood by the people closest to them, and even more so by the people that they need to interact with outside of the home and in their work environments. Choosing resources and strategies to best manage daily life can feel overwhelming; yet, their use is significant.

Executive dysfunction also impacts our ability to regulate emotions. ADHD is often accompanied by anxiety and/or depression. I know first hand the self-talk that runs on replay in your brain saying you aren't good enough, calling you names like lazy and mocking you for being "late-again." 

I have spent many years learning to reset my own self talk. I am healthier for it. I play to my strengths, embrace my resources, and, I share what I have discovered with my clients.


ADHD Organizing requires a shift in thinking. It begins with embracing good enough, which, in my opinion, is awesome! We break the cycle of overwhelm that you are feeling and find ways to help you take charge of your life and feel powerful again.

We get organized in a way that suits you and helps you spend more time living your life and less time looking for stuff and apologizing for...forgetting!

Mocking, shaming, and guilting are not useful and have no place in our work. It's time to remember that you are a creative, out-of-the-box thinker, and can hyper-focus when you love what you are doing. The world needs you and what you bring to the table.

I am currently in a coach training program integrating coaching skills with client permission, and do whole coaching sessions upon request with the disclosure that I am a student in an ICF/ACTP certified program.

Whether you are a student navigating increasing work loads,  a busy mom keeping up with the tidal wave of activity that life brings, or a person who is too tired after a long work week to combat the clutter and disorder surrounding you, let's put your strengths to work.

It is time well spent for less stress and more joy!


Here are a few of my favorite ADHD Organizing Resources: