Planning, for less stress and more joy...May the Fourth be with you.

Forgive the corny pun from the girl who learned to love Star Wars after watching the movie several times one summer.

If you are wondering how it can be May already, then you are not alone! I hope that this warp speed delivery to May 4th has been a whirlwind of lovely experiences, work that fulfills you, opportunities to spend time with the people you love, and the expectation and hopefulness of good things yet to come.

If not, then fear not. A little forethought and planning can help reset your course and launch you on your way to new adventures and dare I say, more joy in the present moments. And isn't that what life is all about?!

As I prepare to travel to New York City to assist my daughter with her move home for the summer, I am reminded of pre-summer planning when my kids were younger. Each year about this time, I would ask each of them a few questions. I will share them with you now with the hope that you may find inspiration as you plan your summer months' adventures.

What is one place that you would like to visit near home?

What is one place that you like to visit that is far away? 

Which friends do you want to invite for playdates/sleepovers/adventures?

Name one adventure with each family member for a special day.

Name 3 books that you will read.

Their answers varied from year to year. But the traditions of choosing with whom and how to spend time was a habit worth developing. It paved the way for magical, memorable summers. 

Organizing Solutions

These questions helped focus my attention and planning for the summer months upon what was truly important. These plans were fluid and open to change, but gave a substance and foundation for setting schedules and budgeting.

You might find a similar strategy helpful. Be forewarned though. You might just feel like a kid again...with a grand sense of possibility, anticipation of summer adventures, and a much needed shift in focus.

Less stress and more joy, may you find.