Office and Workspace...take a break, then finish strong

I have been immersed in my office off and on for a few weeks now so, I took a little break, treated myself to an iced tea and read for awhile. I also, spent 3 days watching my beautiful daughter dance, but more on that later.

Today there are files to sort, and a lovely roll top desk to sort through. Deciding which files to keep and which to shred is clear to me. Keep 7 years for tax purposes, keep business records longer, keep references that are still relevant. Yes, that means the textbooks from 1978 are probably obsolete and unless they bring you joy or amusement as a decoration, are taking up valuable real estate in your office.

I am looking at a stack of books, all pediatric references and still after all these years cannot part with Whaley and Wong's "Nursing Care of Infants and Children," after, dare I admit it, 33 years. Is it relevant? There are fundamentals that do not change, but honestly, my reason for keeping this book in sight is simple. This book makes me smile.

My own pediatric nursing knowledge base and experience began with this book but certainly doesn't end with it...a good thing to remember. As for the remaining books, references and fiction alike, I plan to read them, well at least some of them, then keep or share them in the next year. A book a week to read or review is 52 books in a year.

The less time I spend looking for things and cleaning around clutter, the more time I have for my secret passion for books. I see a win win situation beginning to bloom! I can tell you that Nora Robert's 2nd book in The Inn Boonsboro Trilogy is at the top of my list for May. I have a not so secret love for bed and breakfast inns. So a story describing the transformation of a beautiful old building complete with its own ghost is right up my alley! Is it May yet?!!

Last year, I made room for an old, soft arm chair where I can relax. It is covered with a lovely, washable quilt and ties together the eclectic color palette in this room. Even references and business related reading is more enjoyable when you are sitting in a comfy chair. Parker, my bichon, agrees with me and keeps me company from that very spot while I work.

An oversized desk, a work table and a big chair in a small space may sound a little too cozy for some people, but as the items that have no use in this room are removed space opens up for what I truly need. And, it is becoming a space that is working for me.