Work/Office might feel worse before it gets better

Remember Thing One and Thing Two from "The Cat In The Hat?" They wreaked absolute havoc. Or was it fun??! All your in your point of view, but in the end, the toys were put away and order was restored to the house.

Order has NOT been restored to my entire office yet, but I am taking a break tonight to relish the progress that I have made so far and to remind myself that it may feel worse before it gets better.

Why tackle this room? I am a Work At Home Mom and need a space dedicated solely to my work, a space that allows me to feel energized, productive, and creative. Lucky me! I have a 10 x 10 ft. room to call almost mine. And, since I really share it with my family, over time it has become stuffed with the overflow of unfinished projects and stuff that needed somewhere to land "for now" and then enjoying the coziness took up permanent residence.

Who knew so much could fit into such a tight little space?! I am discovering long-forgotten projects and am resetting my priorities, making lists and adding plans to my calendar so that I can stay focused on this space for now. Even though I am not half done with this room, I can see a glimmer of order and am encouraged by this. I feel inspired to use the room to full advantage.


Step 1. Remove items one section at a time to begin with a clean slate but not completely overwhelm. I cleared a counter in the hallway knowing that I was soon to be a temporary home to many unrelated things as I create my working office space. The hall that had looked so clean and zen has now morphed into a page from one of Dr. Seuss' stories!

Step 2. Remember to begin with the end in purpose and direction is to focus on recreating my work space in a way that makes sense to me and makes my work flow smoothly. For example, I want to reach into one place for business materials/projects, another for bills and financial materials, another for office/school supplies, another place for photography related items, and yet another for memorabilia, which I might add, will be sorted at a later date since it is such a huge task in and of itself and not to be rushed. There is more, but you get the idea. A place for everything and everything it its place.

Step 3. Sort working files and keep relevant files at arms reach. Everything else can be labeled and filed away. If you don't have a label maker, let me tell you, a label-maker is worth its weight in gold.

Step 4. Take a break when you become antsy! Yes, you heard me right...step away from the stuff and do something else for awhile. Something I have learned along the way, is that we become less effective and off balance when we don't take a break. Stepping away from work is good for the soul leaving us refreshed and reenergized, and, yes, ready to complete the work and in much less time. What's not to love about that?!