Bathroom Cabinets...Baby steps will still get you there, just ask the tortoise!

Today, I went to the furthest corner of my house, which happens to be a tiny powder room in the master suite. Tiny, yes, but every journey begins with a single step, just ask the tortoise! Decluttering and reorganizing this space is one piece of the larger picture, one part of a greater whole, and much less intimidating.

I pulled out all of the expired over the counter remedies, half empty lotions and potions bottles,  old makeup that I will never get the idea.

It is all gone and what I discovered is that I have enough room for what I truly need and for my favorite guilt-free pleasures, too. Keep it clean...I am talking about my mani/pedi stuff. Yes! I admit it! I have been a BIG fan of nail polish since I was a young girl admiring my Nana with her perfectly painted size 5 feet dash about in high heels.

The sea salt scrub, and my lost-and-now-found favorite lipstick which my kids had given me for Christmas have found a new home where I actually use them.  First aid supplies are all together and in just one space...think about how much time is wasted hunting for one thing that gets put away in a random spot that makes sense at the time until months later when you have no idea why you can't find it!

Labeling clear container boxes is really helpful. Yes, you can see through the boxes but reading a legible label at a glance tells me which box to pull out for OTC's vs. an Ace Wrap. Just gave myself the gift of time!

This little room needs a new coat of paint, and the cabinet needs to be refinished, but for now it is a space that is working for me and I am pleased!